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when every microwave in the universe has a popcorn button

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STORY TIME: This elderly woman comes to see her son every weekend, since he has no other family. I watched a captain (high ranking guard) tell her that she was “wearing revealing clothing”(meaning she can visit with him and made the 4 hour long drive for nothing). He ended up telling her she was “stupid” for trying to come to see her son, because “he being punished and shouldn be allowed to see his mother.”

Btw, I am extremely aware not all guards are like this. I also have some extremely nice stories. But stuff like that irritates me, cause you can talk back or else your family member in the prison will probably be too bruised to visit with you next week.пегас тур харьковканадский дом технологииaltezaмикрофон 60 хотдых в африку в мае отзывыsexe vibromasseurохота на львов в африкеiphone 6 cases & coversпродвижение сайтовsun cover for carотсрочка от армииtitle html codeכיסוי לרכב american eagleадвокаты харькова отзывытермоусадочная упаковкаVALENCIA W150Led Lenserсетевые фильтр

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